Sometimes we fail and it's our fault. We must acknowledge that we have been beset and seized by our own bindings. such shackles and mire may have, to this point held us fast to our own mediocrity. This truth directs us to love our failure and forgive ourselves. We travel from such limitations through the pain and angst of struggling free and into our personal liberty.

Today, we may have become more aware of such limitations and thus of the fresh and vital opportunity that awaits you. Carpe diem is often misquoted as "seize the day." a better rendering of it is to "gather the day." Gathering the day is both a reference to making order of the day(to gather it together) and harvesting the day. The implication is that all that we need is robustly present and waiting. It is therefore our destiny, our very calling to claim each day unto us. Such effort is most often the assembly of simple, singular, seemingly routine tasks. Such simple effort does, eventually, result in the very real manifestation of our dreams.

Just for today, may we renew ourselves and simply do the next right thing. Carpe diem!