Before I lost my mind…
Before wanderlust and stark dimensions…
Before the fever came

Hot, Sahara heat smelting away coherency
Leaving slag filled days and dross coated nights

Before the fever broke, breaking certainty

Glass slivers and shards scattered on lost streets

Before my mind melted

Running hot
Oozing molten memories into yesterday
Pouring fantastical realms into a mundane cast
Burning frost bite, shivers
Shakes, shimmers beyond the veil

There was the shadow that spoke, the tired fawn eyed gaze, the promise made
It burns. It burns it.

Whispers reaching from the shadows, taunts and pleas
Oder of smoldering flesh chilled in waif whimpers

My precious. Have you found my precious? It's here. It must be hererrrrr...
I caught it, I did. I held it close, felt it burns, my PRECIOUS!