To walk about, head proud

Proclaiming our correctness or preferred brand of mis-fit-ness
The minority of our making, our place
Our belonging, our homogeneous, deserved, radical identity
The unique flavor of our claimed exurbia

While in the city, the alleys of me

Less than the echoes of truth but more than falsities
The scurry, hiding like rats from barking terriers
Mange chased mutts, cowering from chastising
Owners swinging broken leashes

Another me, The Fisher King thee
Nouwen’s healer takes walk-about privilege
Between here and there, played to jaded, directing
Succulent sewers flowing with purity and possibility to mend

Us to a transparent and intertwined majority
Of one


*Exurb - a small, usually prosperous, community situated beyond the suburbs of a city.