I had two wonderful privileges over the past two days.

1. I got to meet, via an impromptu tweetup, the Crew from Mutual of Omaha's ahamoment tour.

Meet Gary, Natalie, Ben and Jessica (she's the boss). These great folks have the pleasure of touring the nation and listening to and cataloging the powerful and often emotional stories of extra-ordinary people. Their energy is contagious, their patience almost inexhaustible and their smiles electric. The #ahatour team is worth knowing.

2. I recorded my own ahamoment entitled "Holding the Hand of God." Drop back  later this week and I'll post a link to it for you to hear - once it is available and I've viewed it to make sure I didn't say anything too embarrassing  eh.

If you are living in one of the upcoming tour stops, make a point to seek these folks out. Your life will be better.

We had fun!